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DHE's manhole scanner uses an automated manhole inspection system which is deployed from surface level, capably of capturing high resolution data and provide in depth reports to help understand the asset.

The manhole scan system sits over an open manhole and the system descends into the manhole capturing data which is immediately transferred to a system with running software where it can be viewed, annotated and shared via cloud and in real time. 


The scan presents high resolution data of the entire manhole into one single scan. This allows a technician to look for structural defects, infiltration and other faults. DHE scans four lasers and captures the geometry of the sewer manhole into a high resolution point cloud. This is ideal for reviewing measurements for remediation work and populating in CAD models.

DHE Manhole scanner specification
All manhole equipment is the latest equipment.

  • Assess structure of the asset, provide information based upon this information for the client

  • Provide comprehensive reporting and data 

  • Identify and confirm manhole GPS location

  • Gather inspection data of all items within the asset

  • Populating data into CAD models 


All our operators are WSAA (Water Supply Association of Australia) accredited and trained.

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Laser profiling

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