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Experience DHE's Cutting-Edge Manhole Scanner

Discover the power of DHE's advanced manhole scanner, revolutionizing the way we inspect and analyze vital infrastructure assets. Our automated manhole inspection system is engineered for precision and efficiency, offering high-resolution data capture and comprehensive reports to facilitate a deep understanding of your assets.


Our innovative manhole scan system simplifies the inspection process. Positioned securely over an open manhole, the system seamlessly descends into the structure, capturing valuable data in real time. This data is swiftly transmitted to a dedicated software system, where it can be conveniently viewed, annotated, and shared via the cloud.


A Comprehensive Overview in a Single Scan

With DHE's manhole scanner, you gain access to high-resolution data encompassing the entire manhole in a single comprehensive scan. This invaluable tool empowers technicians to identify structural defects, infiltration points, and other faults with ease. Our state-of-the-art technology deploys four lasers to meticulously capture the geometry of the sewer manhole, transforming it into a high-resolution point cloud.


Ideal for Precise Measurements and CAD Modeling

Whether you're evaluating measurements for remediation projects or populating CAD models, our scanner's capabilities are second to none. Trust DHE to deliver the data you need for accurate decision-making and efficient asset management.


Experience the future of manhole inspection with DHE's cutting-edge scanner. Unlock the potential to enhance the integrity and longevity of your infrastructure assets.

DHE Manhole Specification:

  • Assess structure of the asset, provide information based upon this information for the client

  • Provide comprehensive reporting and data 

  • Identify manhole GPS location

  • Gather inspection data of all items within the asset

  • Populating data into CAD models 


All our operators are WSAA (Water Supply Association of Australia) accredited and trained.

scan 1.jpeg
scan 2.png

Laser profiling

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