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No need to dig up floors, infrastructure or even fix costly landscaping. This type of lining system can be used to line straight pipe or sections with 22-degree, 45-degree and 90-degree sweeping bends. Issues from the house sewer connection back towards the sewer main can be lined, also small or big lengths of pipes can be relined in sewer main lines.  Our quality products are manufactured in line with ISO9001 and are Australian Watermark approved. Our renovation method is also Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DiBT) approved. This is considered the world benchmark in pipe lining.

Top Hat / Junction Sewer Lining Top Hat Junction Lining is a process of rehabilitating the sewer’s main junction. This is prepared, entered through the house connection and sealing all joints to the point where the house connection meets the sewer main.


  • Structural strength

  • Fraction of the price to excavate

  • Smooth sealed finish

  • Repairs suit all pipe types

  • Permanent and water tight.



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Patch lining are used for civil drainage types, pipes with structural defects, cracks, root intrusion and displacement patch lining repairs can be used in place to fix and seal these issues. The patch is a short section of ECR (electronic) fibre glass matting that can be used to repair localised sections of damaged or defective pipelines with diameters from 100mm to 750mm.


  • Excellent adhesion to most pipes and materials, including concrete, vitrified clay plastic and steel

  • Handles both low and high temperatures

  • Good resistance to acidic and alkaline conditions

  • Structure patch, it will help strengthen a weakened section of pipe

  • Designed for 30+ years of life expectancy


Smartlock is a new innovation point repair which are used on both storm water and sewer mains. Smartlocks have an instant cure time which can cut lengthy product cure times down. This type of repair is suitable for areas where the client does not wish to dig up the sewer and replace the pipe. It only takes a couple of hours to complete a repair and no site restoration is needed as would be necessary for a dig and replace project.


  • The installation is possible with flow present, sewer or water purposes

  • Short cure time to no wait time for the curing required

  • Effective for sealing of holes in pipes, sealing cracks and deformities and sealing root intrusion

  • Designed for 50 years of life expectancy

Dig Hard Excavations have successful completed the largest patch lining project in the Northern Territory. 

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