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Your Partner in Comprehensive Project Solutions

At Dig Hard Excavations, we excel in providing a wide range of services across every project phase. Our track record of success includes:


CCTV Pipeline Surveying Report - Our expertise are in conducting thorough CCTV pipeline surveys, followed by meticulous data analysis. We transform this data into actionable remediation plans, precise program costing, and line-by-line recommendations for your project. Count on us to assess sewer faults meticulously and translate findings into effective remediation plans that drive project success.


Manhole Condition Assessment and Reporting - We offer comprehensive assessments of manhole conditions and deliver detailed reports to aid in informed decision-making. Our team specializes in pump station design and conducts condition assessments to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your systems.


Asset Surveying, CAD, and Design - We provide accurate asset surveying services and harness the power of CAD technology for precise and efficient design solutions. Rely on our expertise to deliver comprehensive reporting during the investigation phase, helping you gain valuable insights into your project's progress.


Construction Phase Delivery - We are committed to ensuring successful project delivery during the construction phase, meeting your objectives with precision and efficiency.


At Dig Hard Excavations, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project. We are your trusted partner for delivering high-quality results at every stage of your endeavor.

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Laser profiling

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