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At Dig Hard Excavations, we are your go-to specialists for a range of essential services designed to maintain and enhance the integrity of your infrastructure. Our expertise spans a variety of critical areas, including:

Piping System Descaling and Cleaning

DHE conduct thorough descaling and cleaning of piping systems, ranging from 100mm to 1.8m in diameter. Our meticulous approach ensures the efficient and reliable operation of your pipelines.

Waste Extraction and Facility Cleaning

Our team is equipped to handle waste extraction and the cleaning of waste facilities with precision and expertise, ensuring the safe and hygienic management of waste materials.

Septic Tanks, Pump Stations, Manholes, and Sewer Ponds

We offer comprehensive services for the maintenance and cleaning of septic tanks, pump stations, manholes, and sewer ponds, contributing to the longevity and functionality of these vital components of your infrastructure.

Non-Destructive Digging 

When traditional machinery cannot access or excavation poses risks to existing services such as sewer, oil, gas, electrical, and water lines, our non-destructive digging capabilities come to the rescue. We provide a safe and efficient solution for your excavation needs.

Combination truck specification:

  • Patented Water bubbler filtration system for wet & dry product vacuuming

  • 8,000L debris tank stainless steel 304

  • Pipe cleaning 1” 269lt/min @ 2,200psi

  • Hydro excavation 20lt/min @ 5,000psi

  • 5,800L wrap-around water tank stainless steel 304

Cleaning specification:

  • Root cutting of pipelines 100mm-450mm

  • Pipe descaling 100mm-1.8m

  • Chain flail (removal of concrete, hard obstructions and roots)

  • Socks/pipe spraying to poison roots (root- x root inhibitor)

  • Culvert cleaning and bulk deposit removal

  • Pits up to 180m apart​

Non-destructive digging (NDD) specification:

  • Sewer lines

  • Telstra services

  • Fibre optic cables

  • Electricity cables

  • Gas mains

  • Water mains

  • Storm water mains


At Dig Hard Excavations, we are committed to delivering top-notch services that enhance the reliability and efficiency of your infrastructure. Trust us to provide solutions that ensure the smooth operation of your systems while mitigating risks associated with excavation.

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