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CCTV Specification

At our disposal, we employ cutting-edge technology to conduct CCTV inspections with precision and thoroughness. Our CCTV inspection capabilities cover a wide range of pipe diameters, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure.

Push Rod Cameras for Small Diameter Pipes (50mm – 150mm)

  • For smaller pipes within the 50mm to 150mm diameter range, we utilize push rod cameras.

  • Our process includes both pre-survey and post-survey footage, providing a complete view of the pipe's condition.

  • Any identified faults or issues are diligently documented and presented to our clients.

  • All reports are securely saved within our system and can be conveniently provided in USB or CD format for seamless submission to your local utility or client.

Civil Cameras for Larger Pipes (100mm – 1.8m)

  • For larger pipes, spanning from 100mm to 1.8m in diameter, we employ advanced civil cameras.

  • Our reports are generated using industry-standard Wincan software, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

  • The final reports are professionally assembled into a bound document, enhancing accessibility and clarity.

  • Just like with smaller pipes, we offer the convenience of reports in USB or CD format, ready for efficient submission to your local utility or client.

Trust us to deliver meticulous CCTV inspections that provide invaluable insights into the condition of your infrastructure, whether it's small-diameter pipes or large-scale civil systems.

Camera specification
All CCTV equipment is the latest IBAK equipment.

  • Surveys of new or existing pipelines for pre and post construction

  • CCTV pipe inspections of sewer water and storm water constructions

  • Inclination indicated on survey

  • All conduit evaluations 

  • Laser profiling on request


All our camera operators are WSAA (Water supply association of Australia) accredited and trained.


Laser profiling


IBAK Camera

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